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UFOs & the Media

Ufologists often complain that it's hard to get the media to cover UFO stories. Moreover, they allege that when UFOs do feature in the media, the subject is ridiculed. Some believe the mainstream media is complicit in a global conspiracy to cover up the truth about UFOs.

Nick Pope was media trained by the Ministry of Defence, but now works as a freelance journalist and broadcaster. While working on MoD's UFO project he was involved in the Department's longstanding policy to downplay the UFO phenomenon and the level of MoD's involvement and interest.

Ironically, he's now one of the few journalists who writes and broadcasts about the subject in a positive way in the mainstream media. In this controversial new presentation, Nick Pope will lift the lid on how the government handled the presentational aspects of the UFO phenomenon.

He'll also reveal what newspaper editors and TV producers really think about the subject. Finally, he'll give an insight into how government press officers use 'spin' to promote good news stories and kill bad news stories.

Nick Pope will present "UFOs and the Media" on Friday August 5th, 2011, at the Exopolitics Leeds Expo.