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What no UFO?! Why Exopolitics could be the lens for viewing Omega Point culture

Although many people found themselves introduced to the arena we call ‘conspiracy theory’ in the wake of September 11th 2001, it doesn’t take long for us to see that similar events are littered throughout history and are the staple tool for achieving power and influence in evolutionary terms. The difference today is that the grand chessboard can be observed and to an extent interacted with in real time, from any location and by any individual. This hyper-information flow has almost become a cliché but it’s a process simply mirroring the complexities thrown out by an increasingly unsure, accelerating geopolitical culture.

Those of us who question things in a different way than the majority will I’m sure have discussed with others in those more reflective moments how we intuitively feel that some sort of fundamental shift is on the horizon of the collective psyche. We’re all feeling a ‘back-wash’ of this eschatological incident - what Terence McKenna called the ‘transcendental object at the end of time’. Part of this process involves shedding of the old - thus what we are witnessing are the contradictions in contemporary systems beginning to show. These manifest in media-ready concepts such as “the collapse of Communism� or “the rise of new terrorism� but the irony is that the previously offered alternatives or solutions don’t work either. The illusion of choice or reliance on binary logic and the Hegelian process no longer applies. Instead, in order to get a slippery grasp on reality, we require new modes of research and exploration. Like Exopolitics, these new lenses let us build what I’ve called a mosaic of data-points in order to model what we see around us instead of relying on fixed, Newtonian views of the universe.

The ‘politics’ in Exo//politics functions primarily with a small ‘p’. These days we’re all aware that formal or big ‘p’ Politics may claim to govern our lives but it’s really just a fraction of the political influences out there. The real definition of politics simply means the interactive flow of decision making communication between self and Other. Alfred Webre re-invigorated the concept with his book ‘Exopolitics’ at the turn of the millennium. He divides the field into an activist role and a science role – the two coming together to produce a novel and pro-active way of dealing with the mosaic of connections and possibilities we’ve mentioned. With Exopolitics though, the idea of activism has changed from its common image of waving placards and science has less to do with true/fake evidence loops and more an association with ‘new physics’ or quantum mechanics. It’s this emerging paradigm that you should see represented in gatherings such as Exopolitics Leeds and numerous others around the globe. Ultimately Exopolitics is a dynamic, organic discipline - capable of incorporating every aspect of cutting edge research - whether these are based in anthropology, politics, science or art - these are all facets of consciousness. As is stated on the front page of the UK national site – there is a war on consciousness and this is where our differences fade as we engage in a more than metaphorical battle for truth.

You’ll notice that I’ve yet to mention either the term “extra-terrestrial� or “UFO� and that’s deliberate. It’s not that these elements aren’t important - they’re core to our discussion – it’s more the point that Exopolitics is not a new form of UFOlogy or a ‘cultural’ version of say Exo-biology but instead it’s a framework in its own right for filtering information that now happens to see these elements as part of consensus reality. Larry Warren once said that the ET/UFO issue is a human rights issue and he’s making the same point I’m attempting here i.e.: the scope of the field is greater than the concepts it aims to include. We see Exopolitics in a tangible sense in operation with the case of truth seeker Gary McKinnon. Gary’s plight exemplifies why this area is about human rights as he was driven primarily because he believed all of us [including the poor and vulnerable] would benefit from the new, advanced energy systems that are inextricably linked to off-planet intelligences and the objects they appear to zip about in. Ironically Gary’s belief in the fact that closeted technology should be brought into the light for the collective good led to his own human right to exist being threatened. Gary and the numerous other casualties of the ET/UFO truth-embargo are victim not of their own actions but of our own inability to define our priorities and hold those misanthropic minorities who see themselves as ‘separate’ firmly to account.

New ways of viewing the world are fast coming into place and Exopolitics is just one of many. In my view it pulls itself ahead of other frameworks not only because, by default, it incorporates examination of areas previously considered taboo like black budget funding, conspiracy models, free-energy and evolutionary intervention theory but purely by placing the issue of non-terrestrial visitation at it’s core. It’s only when you to a long hard look at the world using this model that you begin to peel away the layers and see just how central this theme is to geopolitical decision making but also how closely aligned “the UFO� as an icon is to our own higher consciousness.

It’s time to grow-up as a society and face the fact we’re at a crucial stage in the evolutionary scheme of things. The fact that we’re being engaged on multiple levels by advanced, off-planet entities is the elephant in the room of this process and no amount of fearfully pretending it ain’t there is going to make it go away.

by David Griffin
UK Exopolitics Initiative.
June 2009

First published in the 2009 Leeds Exopolitics Expo magazine